Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mission District Hershey's Plant Threatened with Closure, While The Co. Increases Profits

So while there's talk and real fear of the Hershey's chocolate plant closing in the Mission District on 16th & Folsom, laying off over 100 local workers..."Hershey's profits rise as economy slumps"

The following is an excerpt from a news report that came out back in January talking about the banner year that Hershey's is having despite the economic crises.

"The company reported Tuesday that 2008 sales reached $5.13 billion, up 3.8 percent from its $4.95 billion in 2007. The company also was more profitable in 2008, making $311 million, compared with $214 million in 2007.

"Most food companies in 2008 did well," said Christopher Shanahan, a research analyst with Mountain View, Calif.-based Frost & Sullivan. "Hershey was definitely one of the leaders."

Hershey Co. CEO and President David J. West said the financial numbers show the company's strategy is working."

Peep out these links on how the French are getting down and radical: "United against the crisis, defend employment, spending power and public services."

French workers take manager hostage over job cuts

BBC News Video of People Taking to the Streets

Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Down with the Frisco Movement For Land & Jobs

Press Release: Bay Area community & labor groups want to stimulate equality and transparency in Green Jobs Stimulus Package

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— A broad alliance of community groups and workers centers will testify before Land Use Committee of the Board of Supervisors this Monday March 23 calling for greater transparency and community input in shaping the infusion of federal stimulus dollars slated for San Francisco’s developing green collar economy.

Community groups are echoing the frustration of City Supervisors and others in City Hall, all of who have not been given concrete and comprehensive information about the specific allocations San Francisco has secured from the Federal Stimulus Package, as well as other specific proposals the city has submitted for future allocations.

“The American people and the President have called for the highest level of transparency and accountability in the use of the stimulus funds, but here in San Francisco we haven’t seen any of the Mayor’s concrete proposals or allocations for public approval,” said Oscar Grande from PODER...

Click here to read the full press release http://pitch.pe/6827

Join us @
The Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee
March 23, 2pm
SF City Hall, Room 263

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Speakling of the New Mission Theater...

Courtesy of Mission Mission:

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

After several days of titlating headlines and public displays of disbelief and outrage we have...silence. The documented and now publicly acknowledged wrongdoing of our favorite neighborhood restauranteur/innkeeper/friend-of-Gavin, Gus Murad, has resulted in a whole lot of nothing.

Operating a rooftop bar without a permit and illegaly taking much needed residential hotel units off the market to operate a hostel may not seem a like big deal to some. After all, shouldn't we encourage entreprenours to grow their businesses even if it means calling in a few favors at City Hall? And, really, wouldn't you rather have some cute, young, European tourist walking around Mission Street than your typical crazed, unsightly, SRO tenant? So what if we have a homelesness crisis in this City? But consider this: at what point does the City become complicit in the (potential)wrongdoing after its been notified of these apparently illegal acts yet takes no action?

The City's Planning Commission and Planning Department as well as the Department of Building Inspection have been asked to investigate and police these matters, yet, several weeks later, we have seen no results.

The question, of course, is WHY? Stay tuned...we will be pursuing this story until we get an answer.