Thursday, March 5, 2009

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

After several days of titlating headlines and public displays of disbelief and outrage we have...silence. The documented and now publicly acknowledged wrongdoing of our favorite neighborhood restauranteur/innkeeper/friend-of-Gavin, Gus Murad, has resulted in a whole lot of nothing.

Operating a rooftop bar without a permit and illegaly taking much needed residential hotel units off the market to operate a hostel may not seem a like big deal to some. After all, shouldn't we encourage entreprenours to grow their businesses even if it means calling in a few favors at City Hall? And, really, wouldn't you rather have some cute, young, European tourist walking around Mission Street than your typical crazed, unsightly, SRO tenant? So what if we have a homelesness crisis in this City? But consider this: at what point does the City become complicit in the (potential)wrongdoing after its been notified of these apparently illegal acts yet takes no action?

The City's Planning Commission and Planning Department as well as the Department of Building Inspection have been asked to investigate and police these matters, yet, several weeks later, we have seen no results.

The question, of course, is WHY? Stay tuned...we will be pursuing this story until we get an answer.

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