Friday, June 19, 2009

Are Trustifarians Endangered? We can only hope....

According to this article in the NY Times, "Trustifarians" are being hit by hard times brought on by their families' gambling on the stock market and on bad mortgage securities. "Trustifarians" are also known as "Trust Fund Hipsters", "Hij@s de Papi", "Subsidized Loafers", and other affectionate names.

Oh no! What will that artists-that-has-never-sold-any-art-but-lives-in-a-flat-in-the-mission-previously-rented-by-working-class-tenants do? Or what about the loafer hipsters who like to sit at Ritual Coffee on their computer all day, even though they have internet at home? I mean, who will wait an hour for mediocre food at Boogaloos? Will these Trustafarians be able to get a job and make it through four hours without "twittering" or taking artistic yet aloof pictures for their facebook/myspace profiles?

As a show of solidarity we can give them a gift bag of job applications, coupons, and fashion tips, such as don't wear your faded/yellow "Keep on Truckin'" t-shirt to a job interview and leave the ironic 80's fashion at home.

At this very moment capitalism continues to collapse onto itself, people continue to loose their jobs & homes, and the pinche mayor (gruesome newsom) is hells bent on gutting services for the poor and for the ill. The people of San Francisco are fighting to keep these services which people depend on every day. The least of our concerns is whether or not the offspring of the ruling class will have to move back with their parents or if they will have to confront the reality of 40+ hour weekday.

Welcome to our economic reality, Trustifarians. It's going to be a bumpy ride.


quake said...

Why do you insinuate that most white kids in the Mission are trust-fund rich kids? Have you ever talked to one?
All the local white kids I know are truly struggling. Many live a dozen to an apartment, they don't own cars and they shop at inexpensive Latino owned businesses. Some are productive artists or musicians and some work at non-profits and are trying to make a difference. Just because you are white doesn't mean you're rich.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Larry said...

Wow, what a hateful little screed. Do you really know who is a "trustafarian"? Do you really know that there are lots of them around?

Or do you just like to assume that of people so that you can hate them and make snide and belittling comments?

This post tells me a lot more about your prejudices and hateful attitudes than it does about the subject matter