Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Eastern Neighborhoods Plan (EN)

For today I will answer some FAQs to provide some background information to the new readers of the blog.

What is the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan?

To view the City’s answer, click here.

To sum up the website, the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan will rezone several neighborhoods on the eastern half of San Francisco. These neighborhoods include: The Mission District, SOMA, Central Waterfront, and Potrero Hill. The proposed EN plan will limit/eliminate community input into the planning process, eliminate thousands of blue-collar jobs, and encourage high density luxury condos.

Why is MAC involved?

We are involved in the process because the new planning codes from the rezoning process have the potential to continue the displacement of Mission District and San Franciscan residents. We believe that disenfranchised members of our neighborhood, including working class communities of color, not developers, should be steering the planning process. One way we do this is by creating and advocating for the People’s Plan, a set of zoning policies and maps created by working class Mission residents that work to meet the housing, economic development, open space, and transportation needs of the people most vulnerable to displacement.

What is MAC advocating for?

Among other things, we are advocating for the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan to be amended to require greater levels of affordability in all new housing developments, preserve blue collar jobs in the city, create green jobs for all, and allow for greater community input into the planning process.

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