Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eastern Neighborhoods Pro-Displacement Plan

The second hearing in a series of hearings at the Land Use Committee on the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan was held this past Monday. The topic of the day was housing, specifically affordable housing. By now you should know our position and the city’s position. So let’s get down to it. The hearing became interesting when District 11 Supervisor asked some hard and fair questions about the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan that was passed by the Planning Commission.

The Supervisor’s principal concern was, in effect, that the plan as it stands will further gentrify the Mission District. There were three other noteworthy issues raised at the hearing:

1. Is the Plan passed by the Planning Commission satisfactory to community serving organization? The answer is NO.

2. Why were the counter proposals by MAC and SOMCAN dismissed by the Planning Commission?

3. Why is there not an affordable housing plan for Mission Street?

It was about time an appointed or elected official called out the Planning Commission’s Plan as a plan that would further gentrify the Mission District. The community based organizations from the Mission and South of Market do not approve the current Eastern Neighborhoods Plan as it stands because it will continue to displace residents and businesses. Furthermore, than plan will do little to solve our affordable housing crises.

I hope the comments raised by the committee were not just lip service.

San Francisco is moving forward with a Plan that will not solve our affordable housing crises, will further gentrify the neighborhood, and will result in the loss of thousands of blue-collar jobs.WHY?

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