Friday, October 10, 2008

Fashionably Late Fridays

Here are a few choice links to get you through the weekend:

A TRULY great and much needed new voice in the local journalism scene. A couple of their thoughful stories about our neighborhood that you will probably not see told in the Chronicliar.

Not too much analysis in the news or blogosphere of the District 9 Candiates Debate that was held this past Tuesday. A real shame considering how much is at stake with this election. As a public service, here is the a link to a video of the debate as well as the lengthiest, funniest, and most detailed analysis of the debate I've stumbled across (Disclaimer: MAC is not endorsing any of the canditates running nor, necessarily, agreeing with the analysis or opinions of the individual analyzing the debate. So there.)

Finally, a little bit of history.

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