Friday, October 24, 2008

Manifestacion contra el Hostigamientoy por un Hogar Santuario
rally against harassment & for sanctuary

Saturday, October 25th, 12pm24 & Mission, BART plaza
tamales, music

Join us to speak out against landlord harassment and abuse. speak out against landlord harassment and discrimination and in support of Proposition M, the anti-harassment ballot measure. Proposition M on the November ballot will stop tenant harassment and save peoples' homes and affordable housing. Proposition M adds to our rent control law a section defining harassment and prohibiting the harassment of tenants by landlords.
With Proposition M, tenants won't have to live with years of abuse before they can do anything about it. Actions like threatening tenants with physical harm, starting repairs but never finishing them, demanding private information like citizenship status or Social Security numbers, threatening to call the Immigration Customs & Enforcement and police, illegally entering the tenants' apartment, or failing to accept rent from tenants will all be defined as harassment and prohibited by our rent control law.
We need to stop this landlord as well as others from using harassment and intimidation tactics to displace working-class immigrants, people of color and seniors from our communities.
We say No more displacement! No more harassment! Vote YES on M!

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