Friday, October 17, 2008

If you're down with the Mission, then you're down with MAC.

I admit that my coverage of the Land Use Hearings has been a bit sporadic, so I’ll do my best to catch up.

Throughout September and October the Supervisor’s Land Use Committee has held a series of public hearing around the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan. The Eastern Neighborhoods Plan will rezone four of San Francisco's most diverse and economically important neighborhoods, East SOMA, the Central Waterfront, Showplace Square, and the Mission District.

This process has entered its final stage at the Board of Supervisors, where it must be approved if it will be incorporated into the City’s General Plan. At the series of Land Use Committee Hearings, members of the Mission District community have voiced their objections to the Plan. The primary objection from the community has been the Plan’s lack of a solution to the housing and economic crisis faced by moderate and low-income San Francisco families with children. One Supervisor echoed our concerns by stating that the Plan as it stands will further gentrify the Mission District.

MAC has been organizing and advocating for zoning that will result in affordable housing for low and moderate-income renters, who are the majority of the folks that live in the Mission, as well as affordable ownership opportunities. We are not only concerned with new affordable housing units, we are also concerned with skyrocketing residential and commercial rents for current tenants. Our policies are intended to maximize the benefits of this rezoning process for the current residents of the Mission, especially families and seniors.

While the Planning Commission may have given up on the Mission as a place for working families, we haven't! If you support our goals, we urge you to send a letter (at the bottom of this page) to your Supervisor. It’s not too late. Thank you for your support.

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Steve said...

When is the final hearing/how soon do we need to send out letters in?