Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mi Pueblo... Represent, Represent!

The peoples were in the casa & representing at yesterday's Land Use Committee hearing at City Hall. Community members from the Mission District and the South of Market came from the heart and demanded the Peoples Plan - the community's blueprint for affordable housing and economic development for the next 20 years. Neighborhood leader after leader let Supervisors Peskin, Maxwell and Sandoval know that they were not satisfied with the Planning Departments Eastern Neighborhoods Plan.

The Residential Builders Association, the creators of "live work" loft condos, were there as well making sure it's the usual PROFITS OVER PEOPLE. Also in the audience was local developer/entrepreneur Gus Murad, owner of Giant Value & the New Mission Theater, keeping a close eye on the Supes so they don't thwart his 100+ units of market-rate condo w/ monster club (think Medjools but bigger) proposal. Props go out to Local 22 Carpenters Union who came deep with their members and backed up MAC by asking the Supervisors to make the developers hire local & pay their fair share in development fees.

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